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Nochek Network

The Nochek Network, a constantly evolving work of re-web-engineering in an effort to put people to work, invest in long term solutions, and produce something from nothing.


Tired of cheap hosting services that don't care about the quality of their network? Come To UglyHost, where Tier-1 Bandwidth and uptime are the name of the game.

Nochek Solutions Laboratory

Development and Design are complete, now it is time for the Content and Cash phase. Sign up now and start earning money off our keywords, domains, and hosting!


Running the highest Payouts for Publishers and some of the cheapest rates for Advertisers in the industry, 8BitAds is the only way to advertise on the robust Nochek Network.

Second Constitutional Convention

The Second Constitutional Convention is upon us. As development progresses, more beta invites will be sent out, so sign up today!

Darktide Online

The World As It Will Be...


Surviving Z-Day is about preperation, training, and cool zombie slaying weapons.

Little Apple Giveaway

Giving free stuff to the citizens of the Little Apple area since sometime after the year 2000!